Data-Driven Personalization

Give your customers the experience they deserve—with 1:1 personalization

Personalized Recommendations

Show customers more of what they want to see

Machine learning lets you automatically deliver custom content—from articles and videos, to products and offers—based on historical and real-time data from across sources

Single Customer View

See your customers from every angle

Connect your offline and online data sources to build a 360-degree view of your customers. Truly understand your audience, to provide personalized experiences across every touchpoint

Advanced Targeting

Segment your audience any way you want

Your customers are all different—sort them by what they have in common, with pre-built and custom segments. Limitless segmentation options make it easy to send content they’ll love

Live Content

Content that keeps up with the times

Live content lets you include time-sensitive messages in your campaigns—with images, animations, countdown timers, and videos that change based on when emails are opened

Email Campaign Winner

Multivariate Testing

Don’t leave campaign success to chance

A/B test everything from subject lines, to send times—at the same time, in the same campaign. Send out the top performer without missing a beat, with automatic winner determination

Advanced Campaign Scheduling

Reach your audience at the right time—every time

Select from multiple send-time options—from time zone, to optimal conversion time. To drive engagement across channels, launch SMS and social posts alongside emails