Advanced Analytics

Prove—and improve—your marketing ROI

Maropost- Sales Report Dashboard

360-Degree Customer View

Fewer data gaps, for more meaningful insight

Bring together data from across sources through seamless integrations. With a complete view of your customers you’ll go beyond knowing who they are, to truly understanding them

Maropost- Email Campaigns

Real-Time Reporting

Get the most out of your marketing investment

Generate relevant, real-time reports—choose from pre-built options or customize your own—to accurately measure metrics on your KPIs and adapt for peak performance

Pivot Table Reporting- Advanced Analytics

Data Modelling

Have it all, with actionable, in-depth insight

Create detailed pivot table reports—for instant insight into campaign performance and trends. See every customer clearly, with contact-level data on audience interests and actions

Maropost- Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Customizable Dashboards

View the metrics that matter to you

See real-time updates, campaign data, and custom reports—on one flexible dashboard. Customize your dashboard layout, to view and adapt to emerging trends

Excel Spreadsheet - Advanced Analytics

Automated Insight

Show off the results of your efforts

Generate, schedule, and export custom reports based on campaigns, segments, and data. With data automation, you can continuously track trends—for a better view of your company and customers