• Though the number of new Internet users is
    growing at less than 10% per year, the number of
    new smartphone subscribers is growing at a 20%
    + rate.

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Expand the scope of your marketing efforts by adding SMS and push notifications for a cross-channel experience that reaches your customers at the perfect moment.


SMS campaigns are an ever-increasing part of the marketing mix. They
deliver high levels of engagement with today’s mobile customers,
especially when coupled with email marketing and web campaigns.

The Maropost Marketing Cloud makes generating and sending SMS
campaigns a snap. Our built-in rendering engine lets you emulate
the message before it’s sent. Our marketing automation allows SMS
messages to be sent in response to either email or web actions,
increasing the impact of your multichannel marketing efforts.

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Push Messaging

When a consumer downloads your branded application, it opens up
new possibilities for engagement. The Maropost Marketing Cloud
is there to put that power to work for you.

Leverage our mobile solution to send mobile alerts, deals, or discounts
to drive in-app purchases and increase app usage, using profiles that
include email, mobile and web data. You can build user profiles by
capturing customer data such as zip codes, mobile device types, and
demographics to drive segmentation and personalization.

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Mobile Optimized Email

Dynamically optimize your email campaigns with a mobile-first design.
For some companies the majority of their customers are engaging with
email content on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets.)
It’s imperative that your emails display properly.

Our built-in rendering engine will show you how your emails look on
all of the major mobile platforms, including both phones and tablets.

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Rendering & Reporting

Forms, along with surveys, are a basic necessity for anyone dealing
with email marketing. It’s another way to fetch contact details
aside from uploading CSV’s, importing carts etc.Forms can be
single opt-in or double opt-in.

Our form builder creates contact forms that are easily customized.
Embed your forms on websites or directly within email campaigns,
then capture the data directly to power relevant,
hyper-personalized marketing messages.

There is no limit to the amount or complexity of segments. Better
still, they can be applied in real-time and edited on the fly.

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